The Joe Rogan Experience and Call Her Daddy: Two Sides of the Same Coin

As we become less willing to sit alone with our thoughts, we’ve begun sitting alone with strangers’ thoughts playing in our headphones or car speakers on our commutes, quarantine walks, or to pass the time. The podcast landscape is growing as streaming platforms develop them and our attention spans shorten. Two notorious shows have shaken things up in the podcast realm: The Joe Rogan Experience and Call Her Daddy. The conversational interview/self-help show and sex podcast seem like opposites, but are actually two sides of the same coin. The podcasts’ audiences tend to be very cis hetero and the shows shamelessly explore topics that have long been considered embarrassing for the dominant gender of their audiences.

Full disclosure: I’ve been a huge fan of both podcasts at one point in time and now have a love-hate feeling towards them, but that’s honestly more to do with their fanbases than their hosts themselves.

The Joe Rogan Experience is hosted by comedian and TV host Joe Rogan, and it’s structured around conversational interviews with guests. His guests range from musicians to political figures to athletes and more. Popular guests on the show include Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson, and Kanye West. Rogan is a great interviewer and, given the freedom of the podcast format, goes in depth in conversations about his guests’ niche interests or current affairs. This opens the podcast up to philosophical and opinionated discussions, which is why I labeled it a self-help podcast.

Rogan’s fans are infamously known to be fratty and LinkedInfluencer-type cis straight men. They enjoy Rogan’s content because it comes across to them as woke and enlightening. Another podcaster claimed Rogan provides mental, emotional, and spiritual health content to a group (men) who have been discouraged from exploring the subject. This is important to understand because women are encouraged to be in touch with their mental, emotional, and spiritual health via horoscopes, lifestyle magazines, and general media marketed towards women. Men aren’t, which is why it seems significant to them. Even men’s health magazines have nothing to do with non-physical health and only target nutrition and exercise. Feelings have been considered girly for a long time, but through the manly vessel of Joe Rogan and the lens of DMT induced spiritual awakening, The Joe Rogan Experience has hoodwinked straight men into examining their health beyond the physical. Being in touch with one’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health is extremely important to one’s well being, which is why men have found The Joe Rogan Experience a transformational journey for them. It fills a void they didn’t know they had.

Call Her Daddy is hosted by Alex Cooper and formerly Sofia Franklyn and gained a spicy reputation for their detailed discussions about sex. Men love the show because they get to listen to women talking about sexy things, and women love the show for its blunt approach to dating and romance. The young women speak explicitly in a way women usually don’t due to fear of judgement around women’s sexuality. I consider it the modern woman’s Sex and the City because of its provocativeness.

The sex podcast was frequently criticized for being a repackaging of the male gaze and being marketed as female empowerment. This has to do with the show’s emphasis on women’s looks and sexual capabilities, men’s money and status, and a toxic Machiavellian approach to dating. The reason why this type of dating advice appealed to the show’s female listeners despite it being not in womankind’s favour is because it put them in a position of control when dating men. Female listeners found that by playing into the patriarchal system was more beneficial to them when dating men than trying to live up to feminist ideals in a patriarchal world, which would often cause them to get hurt by men.

Call Her Daddy’s female audience enjoys listening to the hosts talk about sex and dating this way because it isn’t usually seen as an acceptable topic for women to talk about so explicitly and publicly, and because it’s so bold of them to talk about it in a way that’s not quite in feminism’s best interest. The latter part is significant to young women who want to be a good feminist all the time, but struggle to be. That’s because its exhausting to try to constantly act in feminist interests when you want to succeed in a patriarchal world, particularly when you date men who often won’t act in the same feminist interests. This shows the pressures women feel towards talking about sex from both the right and the left highlighting how bold the hosts really are.

However, for the record, Call Her Daddy has changed its brand to focus on emotional development and healthy relationships since their contract negotiation drama in 2020, which resulted in losing one of the hosts.

The Joe Rogan Experience and Call Her Daddy are popular podcasts because they allow men and women to delve into topics they had been discouraged from based on their gender: The Joe Rogan Experience allowing men to get in touch with their feelings and mental health; and Call Her Daddy opening up women’s conversations about sex to be more explicit, as well as boldly demonstrating how women could be aggressive in dating against the the right and left’s ideals. Each podcast covers a blind spot that each gender has been discouraged from or afraid to explore based on their gender, which is what makes them different and successful podcasts.



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